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Black Bracelets

Our natural rubber black bracelets, not only enhances ones sense of style, but also promotes rubber cooperatives in their countries of origin. After all our black accessories, are always accompanied by responsible manufacturing processes and sustainability. That way, they can highlight their uniqueness and remain a constant quality jewel with unique style.


Black bracelets - versatile accessories with expressive charm

A black bracelet for men and women harmonizes with every fashion style and rounds it off in a casual look, a serious business outfit or a glamorous evening robe. Through black bracelets, you also succeed in skillfully integrating your trendy feeling into every day wear, because these jewelry variations are both decorative and extraordinary. Of course, in our collection, you will only get them in perfect quality, as we have many items made by designers from Brazil. They still regard the production of jewelry as art and therefore create filigree, unique pieces that have a personality and look alive. Due to the use of pure natural rubber, which originates from the Amazon area and is produced there by small farmer cooperatives. We present arm jewelry from the black natural material so that always individuality is at the highest level, which is very important to us. Unlike leather straps, our raw material is renewable and no animal needs to suffer. In combination with the multi-facetted look, these black bracelets will show you unobtrusive charisma on any occasion and you can constantly reinvent yourself. We have also put together for you the following collections: children's jewelryblack jewelry and jewelry with skull icon.