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Children's Jewelry

Even children do not want to do without jewelery nowadays. After all their  mothers also wear jewelry and they are their children´s role models. Conventional jewelry can lead to injuries, or must often be replaced. Children's jewelry on the other hand is extremely robust, and makes little princesses radiate even more beautifully. Whether it is rings for a small ballerina, the first 'diamond ring' or cute earrings in cat form our children's jewelry is available in many variations and designs. It is available in size 44, but can also be ordered from size 41. You can find more information about jewelry sizes on the page ring sizes. With our children's jewelry, the little ones can express their personality through changing designs.


Children's jewelry is made of high-quality natural rubber and is therefore particularly robust and well-tolerated. In addition, the jewelry looks fantastic and emphasizes the personality of the little ones. They are the perfect accessory to enhance a simple outfit. Especially for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Christmas and other festivities children like to wear jewelry.

For example, rings, necklaces and earrings with animal motives like the Bulldog Ring are popular. Especially little girls like to wear jewelry such as the cat jewelry. These cute jewels are not only for festive occasions, but also for everyday wear. Little bookworms are happy about the Book Ring.
With the various children's jewelry motives, kids can express their hobbies and preferences. For example, a ballet dancer likes to wear the Ballerina Ring. We have for small gardeners, fish fans, dinosaurs fans and many other animals lovers, matching children's jewelry in our range.
In the motives selection of children's jewelry, we have taken care to choose child-friendly motifs. Often, however, the jewelry is so beautiful that even adults like to wear it. Children's jewelry made of rubber also has the advantage that it is particularly lightweight. Longer earrings are usually uncomfortable for children to wear because of the weight of the jewelry. Children's jewelry, however, has only a lightweight and is therefore particularly comfortable to wear. Moreover, the jewelry is easy to clean with warm water.
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