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Heart Necklace Black

Heart Necklace Black

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With this beautiful radiant heart, which hangs directly on heart, brings your décolleté to shine. Something special for the anniversary, wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day, a love token, as a gift for yourself or just a sign that you have your heart in the right place. Ideally combined with a beautiful, black, off-the-shoulder dress, this Heart Necklace is a real hit, it lets you stand out in the crowd. The Black Rubber Necklace with a radiant heart as a symbol is not made of gold or sterling silver. This accessory stands out, it is a pure natural product made from Brazilian natural rubber and obtained from small cooperatives from Brazilian farmers.

Product details:

  • Length of necklace: 340mm
  • Width of the heart pendant: 90mm
  • Height of the heart pendant: 90mm
  • Weight of the chain: 7g

The heart chain was worn measured the pendant is fixed to the chain.

Care instructions for your rubber jewelry and here you will find more black necklaces.

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