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Jewelry and sports? - You can also wear our jewelry during sports

At school children are forbidden to wear jewelry during PE classes. Today, many athletes refrain from wearing jewelry during leisure sports or at sports competitions. Sweatbands, on the other hand are still worn. But there are many more reasons why sport doesn´t allow jewelry. This fact has changed through our rubber jewelry.

Why should you refrain from wearing jewelry while undertaking sporting activities?

Schools always warned about injuries while wearing jewerly. For example, rings with ball games. Some professional athletes do not wear  jewelry because of its weight. After all, more weight can be a disadvantage. Many wear necklaces or bracelets as good luck charms. It depends on what sport you are undertaking, which kind of jewelry you can wear. However, there are special sports jewelry which can be worn for any sport.

Why do people wear sports jewelry?

Well, in this day and age a lot of people are fashion conscious and would like to be well-styled during training or competition. This is already evident in today's sportswear, which is geared to fashion-conscious wearers. A complete outfit also includes accessories such as jewelry. Sports jewelry completes every outfit. Often, the jewelry is so appealing and elegant that they are not only seen as an athlete accessory, but are also worn on other occasions. In addition, more and more fitness enthusiasts wear jewelry as a lucky charm.

The advantages of athlete jewelery at a glance

Athletes jewelry has advantages compared to conventional jewelry. 
It is:
  • tight
  • made of rubber
  • soft material
  • has a low risk of injury
  • recyclable
  • environmentally friendly
  • low weight
  • flexible with every movement
  • easy to clean
  • ideal as a good luck charm

That's how beautiful athlete's jewelry can be

Bubbles ArmbandJewelry for sports come in various forms! The Bubbles bracelet fits tight and looks irresistibly good! The skull bracelet shows the opponents, which proves fighting spirit. Of course, this trendy bracelet can also be worn everyday as a stylish accessory. Simple and yet at the same time extravagant, this Africa bracelet is a wonderful eye-catcher, not only in sports but also in everyday life or at festive occasions.

Other beautiful jewelry for athletes

For athletes, there are of course many more beautiful pieces of jewelry. The athlete's jewelry can also be a gift for athletes who have just won a competition or need a lucky charm. Particularly appealing sports accessories are for example: